Eviction Notice

We are renters.  Renting without paying rent.  Using resources and letting the bills stack up.  We siphon air conditioning from our neighbor while watering our plants with their water.  That way we cheat just a little extra.  We slam doors, puncture screens, and tarnish walls.  We should be evicted, we’re going to be evicted. 

Heck, even the landlord sent down a friend to talk to us.  He told us to straighten the place up and then we’ll be right in the landlord‘s eyes.  We told that guy, didn’t we?  We chastised him and sent back where he came from!

Silly landlord sent another friend down to tell us more of the same.  Foolish,  we sure showed that one!  Sent him packing back to that landlord,  should know better to tell us what to do!  After all, that landlord is sitting high and mighty and we need to cheat just to survive.  He should know and see that!

That landlord even sent his son down to talk with us.  Wasn’t it a special day when that happened!  Yeah, we crucified that guy.  That should show our landlord!  You want to evict us, go and try! 

What would you do? Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes.  What would you do? 

I heard the landlord was pretty upset.  Even heard he is going to condemn us!  Why such wrath?  He can’t be fair and just if he is seriously that wrathful! Come on. But I wonder.

What would I do if it was my son?

The word is that our landlord is going to have our heads from what we did and are doing!  Makes sense.  What’s that?  You heard that his son isn’t dead and our landlord is willing to let his death be a substitute for our own?  That sounds too good to be true.  That’s amazingly good news!

But what do I have to do? Oh, admit my faults, ask for forgiveness, and accept the payment that is offered to us through his son.    But how do I show my deep gratitude for saving me?   I fear that I’ll just step back into my old habits, evil tendencies and, clearly, that won’t show my thanks at all!  Oh, what’s that?  The landlord is going to help us and work with us?! Incredible. 

But what about the other renters?  What will they say or do?  Oh. Treat me like I treated your son.  I’ll be sure to keep telling them of the good news

Now is that what you would do?  Because I am pretty sure I would not have been nearly as gracious, merciful, and forgiving.  Such an incredible, undeserving gift.

I give praise to my Lord for His redemptive work on the cross and His active guidance in my life.



2 thoughts on “Eviction Notice

  1. Wow, your landlord’s quite nice. That’s great. If you were our tenant, we would have kicked you out right away. Fair landlords/landladies don’t like dealing with tenants who bring trouble. …Especially not ones who are bitterly sarcastic afterwards about their landlord actually giving them a break and being kind to them.

    • Hi lisa_gonow,

      I appreciate the comment. There two points that are important here. First, oftentimes it is stated that if they were in charge they would have done things differently. This begs the question if so, what would you have done? I would be hardpressed to find anyone being as gracious as our Lord. Second, Hell is a troubling concept for many, but in light of our shortcomings it is not troubling to see why it exists and how God is wrathful.

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