That’s a baby!

“There’s a baby in your belly!” Our two oldest shouted with joy as they ran over to my wife. They were simply mesmerized by the ultrasound’s image displayed on the large screen above them.  We told them to count the toes and fingers, which they giggled as they tried in vain to count as the baby wiggled and squirmed in the womb.

The measurements taken by the radiologist suggested an age of 14-15 weeks into my wife’s pregnancy.  As the radiologist continued to make observations, measurements, and document the images the ever-moving picture the screen captured all of our attention.

“When will the baby come out?” Asked our 4-year-old daughter.

“Not for a bit.  The baby needs a lot of special nourishment in mommy’s belly still,” said my wife.

This was the first time we have had the luxury of a level 2 ultrasound which features tremendous resolution as compared to standard ultrasounds.  What fine details and features we could observe and see of the little one!(1) 

Nevertheless, how is that children can immediately recognize the fact that this is a living child inside the womb of their mother while so many adults in our world seem to wish to remain deaf to the beating of that child’s heart?

This brings to mind the novel Ender’s Game when Ender realizes that he wasn’t playing a game rather he had just committed genocide, eradicating an entire species, and that had been making life-ending decisions.  Prior to that moment, Ender was led to believe he was only playing a game. The reality of the situation crippled him and led him to despair.

Let us not be hoodwinked into believing this is a game, that there is no life inside that womb, that it is just tissue, or more importantly that none of us are involved.


(1) Radiology and the subsequent inverse imaging “problem” has made revolutionary strides over the last decade, in large part to our understanding of inverse-scattering techniques. In other words, applied mathematics!  


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