Mrs. Arable is terribly worried about Fern.  Fern keeps purporting that the farm animals are engaged in conversation. The animals are even telling stories! How profound!  One of them is a spider who has an uncle that caught a fish in a web!   And supposedly that spider is writing legible characters in her web!  How absurd!  Oh, how worried Mrs. Arable has become.  She must go see Dr. Dorian about her poor, troubled girl Fern.  Dr. Dorian will know just what to do; the right medicine to prescribe.

Mrs. Arable calls on Dr. Dorian and is told to come down.  Upon her arrival and getting settled she details the entire situation about her poor girl.  She is looking for agreement, reassurance that this is not normal girl behavior.  Can a spider really catch a fish in a web?  Write a message?

On the contrary, Dr. Dorian is not as reassuring, rather he makes some interesting observations.  Is it a miracle that there is writing in the web or that the web is made in the first place?  Mrs. Arable is quite puzzled and Dr. Dorian goes on.  Who taught that spider to make a web in the first place?  How did that happen?  That’s the miracle that people miss!

We are so accustomed to the ordinariness of everyday life that we are desensitized from the everyday miracle (see Romans 1:20).  To lift my arm requires an incredible array of intricately woven biochemical processes to occur without flaw. It is simple to appreciate these complexities with or without a theist perspective, however from a theist perspective we see and can worship the artist behind that design.  So, I ask, are you worshiping the painting or the painter?