Into the Tunnel and Out Toward the Light

A man was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a public audience.  A fellow in the audience passed a note to the speaker inviting him to a debate that Friday.  It was read to the audience and the invitation was accepted on one condition:

I want for you to bring along one person, who in their greatest despair, riddled with addiction, crippled by society, that through embracing atheism brought about a dramatic change and radically transformed them for the good.  Just bring one.  I shall bring 200.

This a wonderful video that offers a transparent view into a life adopting a secular worldview. I find too much in common to list here.


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The Book that Understands Me

The book that understands me
Is something for you to see
As it understands you as well
And His Son will set you free.

It is a book full of wonders
Stories of long past
Riddled with prophecies
Illustrating that this earth will not last.

It is a book that clearly explains
Our fundamental dysfunction
And how that leads to our death
But, moreover, how to avoid our destruction.

The book that understands me
Explains our sorrows and fears
And it promises to deliver us
And wipe away every tear.

It is a book full of revelation
That explains the beginning to the end
Showing the power of the righteous One
Over this world that He transcends.

The book that understands me
Is the one I read day and night
Finding more pleasures while in it
Than if I was to be given everything in sight!

Maybe you’ll look into this book
And put your opinions aside
Read it cover to cover
And let His redemptive power work you from the inside.

You see, the book that understands me
Is a book I wish you all to see
For you would then know the Truth
And that Truth shall set you free.