Dragging Jesus through the dirt

bostonIn the wake of the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon a chilling sadness rings throughout this country. The footsteps of thousands of runners should be all that echos in our memories, instead we are left with alternative graphic images etched in its place.  Many of us are compelled to action and help, regardless of distance or financial means. The tragic events provide a platform to offer support, empathize, feel compassion, and bring love.

There are, of course, many distinct ways of attempting to accomplish this end.  However, my stomach churned in agony, when I read that the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its extreme ideologies, announced that Boston received this bombing as a punishment for allowing same-sex unions, thus would be picketing the funeral processions of the deceased.  Rather then embarking on a full discourse of ideological differences let’s consider a scenario where Westboro Baptist did something different.  After all, the financial means are there if a group of protesters are making their way to Boston.

Suppose they came to each of the funerals and served them.  Suppose they sought out any invited guests that needed transportation and then provided a taxi service for them.  Suppose, they took care of preparing, providing , and cleaning up the ensuing meal after the service.  Suppose they offered to take care of the children during the service to free the hands of grieving parents. Suppose they circled the service in an air of prayer to our heavenly Father.  Suppose they tended to any household need in the forthcoming days.  Suppose this was the case and then they left to go back to Kansas.  Thus, I offer one question:

If the deep and heartfelt intention is for the affected people to turn toward God in the midst of this tragedy, which option will ultimately render a positive response to this end? Which one shows support, compassion, and brings the love of Jesus Christ evidenced by a transformed mind, heart, and soul? 

Consider Matthew 8:5 – “When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help. ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘my servant lies at home paralyzed and in terrible suffering.’ ”

Did Jesus say: “Be gone you polytheistic, hateful, persecutor of the one true God! Your sins have brought this suffering onto yourself!” or I will go and heal him.