Into the Tunnel and Out Toward the Light

A man was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a public audience.  A fellow in the audience passed a note to the speaker inviting him to a debate that Friday.  It was read to the audience and the invitation was accepted on one condition:

I want for you to bring along one person, who in their greatest despair, riddled with addiction, crippled by society, that through embracing atheism brought about a dramatic change and radically transformed them for the good.  Just bring one.  I shall bring 200.

This a wonderful video that offers a transparent view into a life adopting a secular worldview. I find too much in common to list here.


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What are you filling the void with?

Living in a time with the greatest connection the world has to offer we find ourselves so disconnected, disenchanted, and in disarray. We fill the void with sex, gadgets, sports, drugs, idols, and empty philosophies rather than looking to the one source that gives all life. Just as we look to the sun to give us light, we need to turn our hearts to the one true Son that offers us life.